• Rivera Del Rio Boutique Hotel

    Rivera del Rio Boutique Hotel, Rivera del Río, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico .

    Rivera Del Rio is our beautiful luxury Boutique hotel two blocks away on the Rio Cuale 

  • Zoologico de Vallarta AC

    Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico .

    Many of us, if not all, have gone to zoos in different parts of the world, maybe you are lucky enough to have one in your city, we all know the "DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS" signs peppered generously in them. Few of us have gone to a zoo where you can feed the animals, where they actually want you to feed them! Vallarta Zoo AC allows you to do that, of course, from a bag that you receive when you pay your entrance, do not start feeding them Doritos or chocolate! In some cases, you'll be able to approach and caress many of the animals, although you should only do so along with trained personnel.

  • Malecon

    Malecón Puerto Vallarta, Centro, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico .

    12-block promenade offering ocean views & sculptures, plus restaurants, bars, galleries & shops.

  • Vallarta Botanical Gardens

    Carretera Puerto Vallarta, Carr. Costera a Barra de Navidad Km 24, 48425 Jal., Mexico .

    Focusing on native Mexican plants, this large botanical garden features a notable orchid collection. 



  • Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe

    Hidalgo 370, Proyecto escola, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal. .

    Known for its crowned Renaissance-style tower, this iconic city church hosts an annual festival. 
    It is open daily, with services in English available on Saturdays.

  • Los Muertos Beach

    Playa Los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico .

    Big, action-packed beach with an assortment of excellent restaurants and bars, water sports operators & a pier for boat trips.

  • Incanto

    Insurgentes 109, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico .

    We bring you the finest in live entertainment featuring a wide range of genres in our air-conditioned cabaret theater and piano bar. Casual dining is also available.

    Bringing together all art forms in one extraordinary venue, featuring music, theatre, art, comedy, and literary events. Our location along the Rio Cuale in historic southside Puerto Vallarta.

  • ACT2 Entertainment

    Act2PV, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico .

    Act2PV is the largest entertainment venue in the Banderas Bay, featuring first class entertainment with THREE beautiful theaters - the intimate Red Room Cabaret, the Main Stage, a comfortable and the brand-new OUTDOOR Starlight Cabaret.

    The season is opening now, with shows (in English) every evening! There is something for everyone, including Broadway musicals, stage plays, musical cabaret, concerts, live music and drag shows. The performers are top-notch, and there is also a fully-equipped bar where you can relax before and after a show. This is definitely first-class entertainment in a first-class venue.... at an affordable price.

  • Rhythms of the Night

    Puerto Magico, Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio, Zona Hotelera Norte, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico .

    ALMA by Rhythms of the Night is truly a feast for the senses which celebrates our spiritual connection to the animals and nature.

    Your whimsical night begins with a sunset cruise (with an open bar) across Banderas Bay that will take you to Las Caletas, a beach only accessible by boat.

    Your night will include a romantic, delicious buffet candle-lit dinner in one of our hillside open dining rooms and terraces. 

    At show time, you’ll be seated in our open-air amphitheater to experience the immersive story of Alma through a mixture of acrobatics, original music, and special effects.

    Alma by Rhythms of the Night is the best way to experience the magic of Puerto Vallarta and will be the highlight of your vacation.

  • Marietas Hidden Beach

    Hidden Beach, Marietas Islands, Nayarit, Mexico .

    The Marietas Islands are a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
    These islands are noted as a must see for their beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, great snorkeling, and incredible bird diversity.

    The Hidden Beach is a private oasis of crystal blue waters and white sand, tucked inside a lush, tropical island.

    Tours are available to explore all the beauty nature has to offer.

  • Los Arcos National Marine Park

    Parque Nacional Marino Los Arcos de Mismaloya, Jalisco, Mexico .

    Los Arcos is located in the South Zone of Puerto Vallarta.
    It is a protected area that over the years has become a wonderful place for diving, swimming, snorkeling, Stand-Up Paddle (SUP), Yoga SUP, kayaking and tourism in general. 

    Los Arcos are a beautiful group of rocky granite islets that protrude from the sea surface south of Vallarta, it also happens to be the deepest part of the Banderas Bay and is teaming with life, especially since it has been on a protected status, free from fishing and hunting for many decades.


  • Estero el Salado

    Estero El Salado, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico .

    The aquatic nature preserve, Estero El Salado, is home to a diversity of wildlife including 100 species of birds, Mexican spiny-tailed iguanas, American crocodiles, boa constrictors, and land and sea creatures.

    Take a biologist-led, boat estuary tour and explore the lush mangroves, forests, swamps and waterways that wind through this unique, urban treasure. Climb the watch tower for a bird's eye view of the entire preserve. Make your escape to nature without leaving the city energy of Puerto Vallarta.